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OpenMind is a non-profit project run by BBVA that aims to contribute to the generation and dissemination of knowledge about fundamental issues of our time, in an open and free way. The project is materialized in an online dissemination community.



The Walrus provokes new thinking and sparks conversation on matters vital to Canadians. As a registered charity, we publish independent, fact-based journalism, produce national, ideas-focused events, and train emerging professionals in publishing and non-profit management. The Walrus is invested in the idea that a healthy society relies on informed citizens.

What Canadians Can Learn From Americas Healthcare Debacle

The Case For Diagnosing Yourself Online

The Decade in Health

As the 2010s come to close, we look back at a mix of your favourite stories and speakers. From the rising opioid crisis to the danger of concussions in sports, these are the ideas, people, and conversations that helped define Canada.

Should You Trust Dr. Google?
Why we need to authenticate health information on the internet


Boston has long been known as a medical mecca of scientific discovery. Boston’s healthcare professionals and administrators adopt practices from other high-risk and service industries. The ‘big data’ movement is thriving, fundamentally changing our healthcare delivery systems. Digital health investments are higher than ever before, medical hackathons and un-conferences occur every weekend and both redesign and innovation promise to change medicine as we know it. At Medtech Boston, we highlight exciting medical innovation work. We aim to start discussion about the most controversial new healthcare offerings, igniting a new reputation for Boston as a city with first-class medical research and patient care, but also as a city full of passionate people using new technology to think big thoughts about medicine’s most pressing problems.



CPAC, the Cable Public Affairs Channel, is Canada’s only privately-owned, commercial free, not for profit, bilingual licensed television service. Created in 1992 by a consortium of cable companies to preserve an independent editorial voice for Canada’s democratic process, CPAC provides a window on Parliament, politics and public affairs in Canada and around the world.